Cutting costs without cutting corners

Client Project:Leading Fashion Retailer
In an increasingly complex and cluttered retail environment, a leading multinational retailer sought to optimise its marketing operating structure. Through a collaborative and iterative process, we conducted a strategic review of the group’s marketing function.

Related Industries

Retail, Wholesale

Related Capabilities

Marketing Optimisation, Marketing Structure, Marketing Operating Model, Capability Assessment, Capability Building Plan

The Challenge
Our client had launched an optimisation project across its business to maximise efficiencies and reduce costs. Marketing was one of four streams under review but was particularly complex given that it is functionally split across a significant number of divisions and brands with certain centralised capability in different pockets across the organisation. Our task was to help develop an appropriate, lean and future-fit marketing structure with savings for the group where possible.

The Opportunity
Find a way to maximise efficiency, while keeping people in the business inspired and motivated by enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of the marketing structure within the business.

The Co-creation
We approached this project with the firm belief that increased efficiency should not come at the expense of decreased effectiveness – both must happen simultaneously. To ensure this, we conducted a strategic review of the current marketing approach within the group, examining the current role of marketing and evaluating the associated strategy, structure, staffing, capability and resource levels currently employed to deliver against it. We defined and visualised the desired future state of the marketing function through inspiration workshops and external references, constantly ensuring a connection to a changing customer context. We then developed a roadmap to a clearly defined marketing operating and delivery model with a conceptual structure and detailed activity workstreams required to deliver the stretch.

The Impact

  • Optimised and centralised marketing function.
  • Greater integration for the delivery of more effective marketing.