A video series exploring The Three New Rules of Good Business: Embracing Chaos, Being Playful and Showing Care.

Introducing the three new rules of good business.
The critical shifts that business needs to make
The importance of introducing more flexibility
Flexibility in big versus small companies
How can an organisation embrace chaos
Maintaining focus while embracing chaos
Discovery Embracing Chaos
Nandos Embracing Chaos
Netflix Embracing Chaos
Striking a balance between being reactive and proactive
How does Being Playful show up in an organisation
Introducing play in a structured environment
How is Being Playful connected to productivity
Is there a science to Being Playful
What does Showing Care look like in organisations
Showing Care within your Employee Value Proposition
How does Showing Care relate to finances
Showing Care and productivity metrics
Incorporating Showing Care into your long term ambition
Showing Care in the public service environment
The interconnectedness of the three rules