Unlocking Rooted Consumer Insight

In today's data-rich landscape, there's a trend towards prioritising the deployment of cutting-edge analytical systems as the silver bullet to knowing the consumer.


Tumisang Matubatuba, Strategy Director at Delta Victor Bravo


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However, amid this technological surge, it’s important not to overlook the core objective of understanding consumers – the ‘why’ behind their actions, not just the ‘what’. While both data and insight are crucial, it’s vital to discern their distinct roles and values.

The model below outlines three fundamental approaches of insight building: interaction, immersion, and intimacy. While these layers are not mutually exclusive, each progressive level offers deeper and richer insights into consumer behaviour.

Rooted Consumer Insight
DVB Unlocking Rooted Consumer Insight
Source: Delta Victor Bravo ® (adapted from Collins, 2023; Kahn, Leinwand & Mani, 2022)

Interaction to co-create
Creating interaction with consumers provides opportunity for co-creation, fostering participation, a sense of ownership and deeper connection to the brand. Consider how Lego invites consumers to submit ideas for future products, which creates love for the brand and its products, which consumers helped create. The Lego Ideas crowdsourcing platform is just one way of creating a feedback loop at points of engagement with the consumer. Another is to connect with the people who directly interact with consumers. The value of listening to and engaging frontline staff is not practised nearly as widely as it is spoken about, despite the rich consumer insight it provides.

Immersion to Connect the Dots
Immersion in the worlds of consumers can create a deep understanding their context and challenges. For example, Sunlight washing powder successfully launched an Oud variant in Nigeria, having observed the challenges consumers had with musty clothing in the humid climate. The aspirational disposition of the nation, as well as the high Islamic population also served to inform the choice of fragrance.

Intimacy to Reveal Hidden Truths
The third layer of rooted consumer insight is about tapping into the psyche of consumers and to embed itself into their lifestyles to drive intimacy. Delving beneath surface-level data, intimacy can uncover hidden insights and nurture brand love. For example, McDonald’s engaged with super fans to understand unique consumption habits, which has informed some of the options on its secret menu based on these consumers’ meal combinations.

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